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There are multiple machines for handling and grading various minerals. As equipment for handing and grading minerals, screens are used for separating different kinds of minerals.

Screens are among the main equipment in most mines and are constructed in different sizes for classifying and separating minerals. Screens are used in a single story or multiple stories at customer request. Screens are used in various processing units for classifying and grading inlet and outlet materials. They are usually used for separating coarse-grained materials, while hydro-cyclones are employed for grading fine-grained materials less than 500 µm.

Screen types

Vibrating, grizzly, and rotational screens are available in the market. Screens are constructed in 40 different types. This machine is used for gradation through a centrifugal mechanism by producing a regular uniform vibrational motion across the mesh.

  • The main machine for aggregate gradation
  • A wide gradation range
  • High-strength structure

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