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Conveyors are moving plates used for handling tools, products, and packages. Various kinds of conveyors are used in the industry depending on the intended application. Conveyors continuously and frequently displace products and materials reliably in a certain duration. Conveyors establish a continuous measurable flow of materials playing a key role in handling and production scheduling. Nowadays, conveyors are used in workshops and factories to facilitate and accelerate handling of materials.

Conveyors are extensively used in the cement, steel production, and food industries to organize the scheduled production. They are used in mines for feeding crushers and handling raw materials and produced materials.

The mechanical components of the conveyor include:

  1. Structure of chassis
  2. Drum
  3. Rollick
  4. Drive, motor, or gearbox
  5. Sensors or invertors
  • High-strength structure
  • Long lifetime of parts
  • Low-depreciation gearbox and generator (dynamo)

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