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Screen dryers are used for dewatering and grading minerals including sand and gravel, silica, gold, lead, zinc, iron ore, and so on in mineral processing factories. The washed materials in the production lines pass through the screen to separate improper fine-grained particles and increase the quality while reducing its moisture up to 12%.

The ultrafine (>100 µm) polyurethane (abrasion-resistant) mesh used in this screen dryer prevents the loss of useful fine-grained materials (dune sand) and significantly affects the quality of materials. This is turn increases the production capacity by 15% by preserving these fine-grained materials in the product.

The screen dryer is equipped with two adjustable vibrating motors on the sand washing table.

While decreasing the volume of sand, the screen dryer produces washed sand prepared for instant loading.

  • High-quality washed sand
  • Preserving fine-grained materials
  • Easy replacement of the mesh

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