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Feeders are used for feeding the processing lines of minerals and also rock separation lines. In addition to concentrating the load and transfering it properly to the inlet of various kinds of crushers, the feeder also prevents the entrance of dust and also reduces damages to the crusher.

Feeders are designed and constructed with different outlet sizes of 80, 100, and 120. The outlet gate of the feeder is adjustable so that the output load can be adjusted if required. The internal floor plate is replaceable, and its storage is designed with sufficient capacity and gradient.

Grizzly feeder

  • Adjustable vibration range
  • High strength
  • Steel alloy shafts
  • A v-shaped abrasion resistant mesh for passing the load
  • The use of abrasion resistant Liteon (double) sheets

Vibrational feeder

  • High strength, suitable for loading small jaws
  • Adjusting the output load to the crusher inlet
  • The optimal use of shock absorbers to control and adjust vibration and prevent its transfer to the base

Chain feeder

  • Applicable in iron mines
  • Adjustable the round per minute (rpm) to transfer the appropriate load to the crusher inlet
  • Uniform continuous feeding under loading
  • High strength, suitable for feeding heavy voluminous materials
  • Preventing the entrance of dust to the machine
  • Low depreciation
  • Adjustable output loads

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