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HS Cubit crushers are used as primary or secondary crushers for crushing hard rocks. Three replaceable anvils are separately embedded in the HS Cubit crusher allowing adjustment of the load. The upper anvil is completely made of manganese steel (mangalloy), while the middle and lower anvils are made of iron covered by manganese anvils.

Given the high abrasion of HS Cubit crushers, the hammers are made of very high-strength abrasion resistant alloys, and four hammers are installed on each rotor. 110- and 90-kW powerful electromotors of this giant crusher supply the driving force required for rotating an extremely heavy rotor and four powerful 190 kg hammers.

Four models available for HS Cubit crushers include HS7, HS10, HS11, and HS14.

  • High crushing capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Simple mechanism
  • Long lifetime

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