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This machine is used as a secondary crusher in mines.

Centrifuge or rock-and-rock sand making machine is able to produce a combined polyhedral load in accordance with the latest standards for sand and gravel used in asphalt and concrete production.

Rock-and-rock machine is also extensively used for crushing hard rocks such as feldspar, silica, dolomite, barite, etc. A self-breakage system is employed in the centrifuge sand making machines.

Other notable features of this machine include the high capacity of sand production, improved design for facilitating the inspection and replacement of replaceable parts, the hydraulic system for adjusting stiffness of belts, and the separate upper part of the machine. It should be noted that the rock-and-rock machine is used for crushing 6 to 30 mm fine-grained materials. The rock-and-rock sand making machine produces 25-30 tons/hr of 0-6 mm fine-grained materials under ideal conditions.

Three models of the rock-and-rock machine, V8, V10, and V10H, are available with different capacities.

  • High production capacity
  • Different models for different products
  • High production standards

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